How To Watch USA Netflix From Abroad: Hint – Use ProXPN VPN

If you’re trying to access the US Netflix outside of the USA, I have good news for you. It’s definitely possible!

The way Netflix is setup allows users to access content that is licensed in their geographic area. A Netflix user in the UK or Canada will only be able to browse UK or Canadian titles respectively. Similarly, a Netflix user in the US will be able to browse the US titles and not titles that are only available in the UK or Canada. Make Sense? So How Do You Access US Netflix Titles Outside The US?

This is a lot easier to do than it sounds. Netflix shows you titles based on where you’re accessing Netflix. If you’re access Netflix through a Canadian IP address, you’re going to see the Canadian titles. If you’re accessing Netflix through a UK IP address, you’re going to see the UK Netflix library. Naturally, in order to view the American or US Netflix Library, you’re going to need to access Netflix from a US IP address.

So now the real question now is, how do you change your IP address to an American IP address?

This is also a lot easier to do than it sounds. You can easily change you IP address by accessing the internet through a Virtual Private Network (VPN for short). A VPN is software client that you install that allows you to easily change your IP address.

Now before you start freaking out – let me make a confession. I’m not a technical person! Truth be told, acronyms like VPN frighten me at first because I don’t necessarily understand them. The good news is that you need absolutely no technical skills to understand how to use a VPN software client. i had a friend writing a few articles for this blog on what a VPN is and the differences between using a VPN and proxies – you read it here if you want.
Further more, I’ll show you how to install and download a VPN software client right here in this post.

The VPN software I use is called ProXPN VPN. ProXPN is super easy to install and it works on Windows, Linux, and Mac computers. There’s even support for Android and iOS devices. Pretty cool, I know!

Once you’ve installed the software, this usually takes only 2 minutes, you’ll be able to turn on the VPN service by simply entering your username and password! After that, all you have to do is select the location you’d like to virtually reside in (i.e. New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, or countless other locations around the world) and your computers IP address will instantly be changed.

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What’s more is that all applications on your computer that access the world wide web will also go through the VPN and the new IP address. This is super powerful and a great way to protect yourself.

Additionally, your current internet service provider will have not be able to make sense of your internet activity as it will be encrypted by the VPN. Your data will be completely safe and secure. If for any reason you don’t like using proXPN another great option is AirVPN subscription – and here is a deal for their service that will save you 35% OFF on your plan.

Once you’ve turned on your VPN and taken the New US IP address, you’ll be able to browse all of the American titles in Netflix! That’s about is – easy as 1-2-3 ? Download the ProXPN client, login with a USA IP and enjoy USA Netflix !

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